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At times, we lose our house keys and find ourselves trapped inside, or even worse, we can find ourselves locked out of our homes.  When this happens, it is best to contact a locksmith. Pro Locksmiths is a reputable and professional locksmith in Manchester and surrounding areas.  As a full-service locksmith in Manchester, we can handle all types of residential lock opening, lock repair, lock replacement, and other services as well.


Trusted Residential Locksmiths in Manchester

Homeowners often need locksmith services for their security. If your keys are lost or your lock is broken, it’s time to contact your local locksmith service. Pro Locksmiths can quickly unlock or replace your door and ensure your residential property’s safety.
With a faulty lock, the security of your home will be compromised, making it easier for burglars to enter. Whatever technical difficulties you are experiencing with your residential lock, search for a Locksmith Near Me immediately. Count on Pro Locksmith to arrive at your residence promptly and address all your locks and keys needs.

Picked-and-Chosen Professional Residential Locksmiths in Manchester

As a reputable Locksmithing company in Manchester, Pro Locksmiths strives to maintain its reputation by providing quality service at a great price. We aim to ensure your experience with us is a pleasant one, so we hire locksmiths who are not only respectful and well-behaved but who care about you, as well.

British Standard Compliance

Insurance companies recommend that all of the doors that lead into and out of your property are equipped with a British Standard lock or a key-operated multi-point lock. A key-operated lock is also required for the ground floor and accessible windows. Ensure you are compliant with the requirements by consulting with one of our expertly trained locksmiths.

Residential Locksmith Manchester Services Offered by Pro Locksmiths:

Residential Locksmith services from Pro Locksmiths can be a great help in times of emergency. We are known as a reliable security provider of affordable locksmith Manchester services. You might have searched for a good “Residential Locksmith near me” many times but to no avail. Pro Locksmith has been providing quality service at an affordable price for more than 10 years now. Our residential locksmith services include:

Residential door Lock Installation

Changing your office door locks is the first thing you need to do if you’ve just moved in or repositioned your office. The locksmiths at Pro Locksmiths Manchester can provide you with the most recent information concerning modern lock systems. The lock systems we have on hand are up to date with the latest technologies.

Residential Lock Replacement or upgrade

With our lock replacement service, we cater to every budget and can take care of any situation. Our locksmiths can assist you immediately if you feel that your current lock is lacking in security or if you would like to install a snap-proof lock.

Residential Safe Lockout

Safes are intended to protect your belongings or financial assets, and they should be kept closed at all times. The worst-case scenario is when it does not open or when you are experiencing difficulty with it. When this happens, we will make sure to fix your safe as soon as possible by mobilizing our team of mobile locksmiths.

Padlocks & Fitting

Locked doors and cars aren’t the only ones that can cause problems. Padlocks can also be problematic. You can depend on our locksmith mobile team for all kinds of padlocks, from standard and security ones to keyless ones.

Residential Burglary Repairs

In order to prevent burglaries, residents or office workers will need to secure their homes and offices occasionally. We have specialists waiting for your call if you’ve not yet changed your locks, increased your office security, or need a security audit for your office.

Residential Lock Re-Key

Re-keying is the best solution when changing your cleaning staff, changing employees, etc. to avoid key duplication. We have professional locksmiths in Manchester who offer affordable Residential Lock Rekey services.

Residential Security upgrade

In the event of a break-in, you may find yourself out of options and in need of our services. We have experienced and licensed locksmiths available within 30 minutes to offer a repair service on any door or window that has been damaged. Possibly your doors or windows have been broken, and you might wish to increase your security. Changing and upgrading your security is also a good idea when moving house since you never know who has access to the key for the new home.
You can upgrade your security by:

  • British Standard (BS 3621) compliant door locks Installation    resedential locksmith london, chage house key lodnon, unlock door london, professional locksmith in London, reputable Locksmithing company in London, Locksmith Near Me
  • key-operated locks Installation.
  • Manchester bars Installation.
  • Putting Locks on French Doors, Patio Doors, and UPVC Doors
  • Bi-fold door locks Installation
  • installing Sash Locks to Wooden Windows
  • Installing a door viewer/door chain
  • Installation and adjustment of letterboxes to ensure security.

Take steps to avoid your property becoming a target for burglaries! Invest in your home security.

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UPVC Repair and Maintenance

In addition to being nice, safe, and effective sound insulators, PVC doors, and windows are also difficult to open if lost or locked in. Throughout Greater Manchester, Pro Locksmiths has professional locksmiths on hand to help at any time.

Emergency Residential Locksmith in Manchester

You can count on Pro Locksmiths Manchester 24/7 for emergency locksmith services to come to your aid and unlock your doors in just minutes. We also include a carefree warranty on each new lock that covers the installation. Our prices start at £49 and we will provide three new keys with each installation.

We don’t charge for call outs

You’ll never have to pay call-out charges when you work with Pro Locksmiths Manchester, making us one of the most affordable locksmiths throughout Manchester. We can send a locksmith to your property to provide you with FREE advice on the security of your home. You will then receive a free, no-obligation home security upgrade plan which includes the prices. Please call us to schedule an appointment with us so that we may inspect your property.


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