Introducing Next Generation Banham Locks

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Introducing Next Generation Banham Locks

What are Banham Locks?

Among the door locks available for purchase today, Banham locks have the highest level of security. Banham Group is undoubtedly one of the best-known lock brands in Manchester. The organization continues to thrive since its founding in 1926. Fire prevention and anti-burglary systems are among the company’s major products.

Banham locks are BS3621 locks that meet the latest insurance standards. The accreditation of Banham locks comes from Secured by Design, a British Police initiative that focuses on both physical security and crime prevention. Its trademark cylinders ensure the high level of quality you would expect from such a high-end product.

It has a unique 6-pin drill-resistance cylinder, which offers a great deal of security. In addition to the self-deadlocking steel bolt, the Banham L2000 lock features a 10′′ strike plate and a high-security steel bolt. By locking the Banham L2000 handle, burglars will be unable to gain access through a small window and can only exit the property through the entry point.

The Banham company offers an extensive range of stylish, high security, quality locks. With Banham Locks, only the registered holder or their nominee(s) can obtain a copy of the key. This feature allows you to control who has access to your spare keys.

Banham locks installation and replacement services in Manchester

At Pro Locksmiths Manchester, we offer a complete range of Banham locks and security products, including opening, repairing, supplying, and installing them. We can offer our expert advice and point you to the right Banham locks products for your home or business, which we strongly recommend. Here are the Banham products we install and replace at Pro Locksmith

The Banham M5000 cylinder mortice deadlock

The Banham M5000 is an insurance-approved cylinder mortice deadlock that meets BS3621 requirements. With this technology, the door comes with a 6 pin patented security cylinder, bolt through security escutcheons for additional strength, as well as a hook bolt to keep it from spreading. Many Banham locks, padlocks, and grilles work with this lock. For compliance with fire regulations (Banham M5008), this can also be operated using the inside knob.

The L2000 Rim Deadbolt

The L2000 Rim Deadbolt features an easy-to-see design from both sides. In addition, it is one of only a handful of Rim deadlocks that conform to BS 3621 2007.

The EL4000 Deadbolt with Electric release

The EL4000 Deadbolt is ideal for communal doors or in situations where an electric release is needed. This combination offers an exceptionally secure lock for both communal and private doors due to its drill-resistant cylinder and 10″ strike plate. It is available with either a standard release or a 12 volt DC release. Locks such as collapsible grilles, padlocks, and door locks can also be keyed alike to this lock.

The M2002 Cylinder Mortice Deadlock

This lock features a hook bolt that prevents anyone from breaking the lock and gaining access to the premises. There are bolt-through escutcheons to give the door increased strength as well as a 10″ strike plate to make it extra secure. In addition to this, the M2003 model of this product is available with an internal thumb turn in compliance with BS8621.

Aside from installing Banham lock, we also provide Banham lock repair, replacement, and maintenance services

24/7 emergency Banham specialist Locksmith Services

Damaged or broken Banham doors are a significant security threat. Pro Locksmiths offers prompt response to burglaries and vandalism at your residence or business and can supply professional Banham door replacement services as well. Being a member of the Master Locksmith Association, you can rest assured you are working with a CRB-checked and qualified Locksmithing company. Our mobile locksmith business makes it possible for us to offer very competitive prices for changing Banham locks.

Our Master locksmiths work throughout Manchester. The services we offer include Banham door Replacement, steel security door installation, key duplication, and general Locksmithing among the others. You can rely on Pro locksmiths for complete security at home or work. . Our quotes are fixed, so there are no unexpected costs after the job is completed. For immediate assistance, Call Pro Locksmiths Manchester now or visit our homepage for more information.


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